north logan pumpkin walk elk ridge park

Volunteer at the Pumpkin Walk!!

There are many different ways to volunteer.

  •  Create a Scene
  •  Eagle Projects
  •  Pumpkin Carving
  •  Cookie passer
  •  Witch
  •  Handyman
  •  Clean up
  • Pumpkin Carving

    Each year we carve hundreds of pumpkins that are enjoyed by all that attend the Pumpkin Walk. As you can imagine this takes many volunteer hours. We have many different groups that have made this a traditional fall experience. These groups range from small to large, and from church to civic groups. We would love to have you as a group or individual join us in this great fall activity. You can participate in two different ways. One, you can join in the fun at our city facilities with many other groups and carve away; or you can come gather the pumpkins you would need and take them to your location to carve at your convenience. We would just need them back at the Pumpkin Walk by Wednesday evening before the Pumpkin Walk begins. If you are interested in helping us carve pumpkins please contact Audrey at 435 512 5917 or Heather Foltz at 435 755 7875

    Handy Man

    Calling all handy men or women. The scenes that we enjoy each year takes a lot of creativity, enginuity and just plain grit. We could always use additional help in setting up these scenes. So if you are good with a hammer, any other tool, or would just like to help without creating your own scene please call Ed Black at 435 750 6878, Lynn Toone 435 752 4774, or Bruce Howe 435 363 6331.

    Cookies and Witches

    These two traditional roles at the Pumpkin Walk can always use more help. If you're interested in passing out cookies or providing entertainment for the young ones by dressing up like a witch please call Gaylyn Daniels 435 744 7147 for cookies or Katherine Stephens 435 753 0072 for Witches.

    Clean Up

    Looking for a great service project. We can always use help cleaning up and taking down backdrops, post Pumpkin Walk. If you are interested in your group doing a service project call Michelle Weaver at 435 752 1473